This first scale book is awesome because it includes different bowings a student can try, fingerings, and a variety of positions. I would highly recommend this one to learn all the keys. You can order this book at


Galamian Scales and Arpeggios:

This book is especially good for practicing shifts and getting up to those higher positions. It also includes arpeggios which is essential in developing technique and skills. This one came really handy when I was learning the different keys. I highly recommend it because it was so useful and improved my playing. You can order this book at

Intermediate Bowings:

This book is perfect for practicing bowings that will later help you learn pieces. It also includes some scales you can use while learning those bowings. In addition, it’s an excellent tool to learn staccato and spiccation. You can order this book at

Béla Bartók:

For beginning chamber music and gaining an idea of what it’s like to play with others, this book is perfect. I use this all the time with my students and they are able to learn one duet in just a week. Not only is it great for gaining experience, but also it handy for sight-reading. You can order this book at

Solos for Young Violinists:

This is a great tool for getting some of that repertiore learned and checked-off. This book starts out with easy pieces and gradually goes into more difficult ones. It is also perfect for teachers who want to figure out what piece to start next. There are also several volumes that you can use when transitioning to your advanced years. You can order this book at

The Fritz Kreisler Collection:

This book is essential when going through your intermediate years. It includes so much technique that needs to be learned and works that are a must to have in your repertiore. Many teachers I know use this book and it will be a great help in your playing. You can order this book at