Shar Music is definitely one of the best websites out there to purchase music. Yes, it does cost money, but it is totally worth it just because they have literally EVERYTHING. There are different genres of music, technique books, classical pieces with piano accompaniment, quartet sheet music, and orchestra excerpts. They have so much on this website and it will come in handy when trying to look for a particular book.

This website is absolutely the best because you can access any classical piece you want to play and download the file. You do not have to pay for the sheet music and you can have your sheet music printed out in just 5 minutes. If you do not remember the name of the piece, you can just simply search the composer’s name and all works pop-up in search results. The downfall is, you can’t print out technique books on this website.

This website may be cliché, but I actually ordered all the books that own on Amazon. I was able to find every single book I needed and had them within 2 days because of Amazon Prime. I used Amazon the most just because it was so easy to find the books I needed and took way less time to ship than the other website.



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